SEA PEARL is the unique premium beachside project of Istanbul at Atakoy.

The story was initiated from the sound of the sea waves breaking on the shore, fascinating beauty of Istanbul and the strong desire to create a project design merging with the sea. It is created as the first class living area by bringing in the magnificence, inherent to High quality standards to the every point of the project. We left the owners of the prestige alone with the sea and put at last our signatures at the only in İstanbul Premium class sea-front project Sea Pearl İstanbul.

One of the most beautiful metropolitan of the world, the point where different cultures meet, place which special and different in everyone’s eyes due to its Bosphorus, historical beauties and modern city living style, a unique city which connects two continents and had hosted the empires; İstanbul.

The unprecedented project of İstanbul which reflects its beauty to the sea… The unique premium beachside project of Istanbul which blinding with its relationship of green and blue which’s living spaces has got sea view and provides outstanding life style.

Eye-catching architecture

Seapearl İstanbul which provides a special life for the persons, who look for the best and perfection in all respects, reflects its difference in respect of architecture. The project covers all expectations of prestige holders with its live spaces that all type of details were thought, balcony which are designed punctiliously and lush terraces, and blocks which have got aesthetic appearance.

There are four different blocks which address to different pleasures. The earth color dominates block ground floors is transforming to grey more and more upper and reaches to the sky by transforming to blue tones. There are glorious entrances designed by modern materials in rear front which look to İstanbul, This architectural approach clinches the Seljukian design which creates the major construction of the side with its modern construction.