Metropol Istanbul

A Global Project rising tall and proud in one of the world’s most unique metropolitan cities…

Each new step taken, each new milestone set in a city that has hosted countless civilizations has to be worthy of its heritage. A city that has witnessed the rise and fall of ages, is about to inaugurate a project for the new millennia; Metropol Istanbul.

An innovative concept rising in Ataşehir, a district poised to become one of the world’s leading financial hubs upon the successful completion of the Financial Centre.

Launching what will be one of the tallest towers in Europe, bringing a fresh new concept to the coupling of residential and office buildings whilst also offering a prestigious shopping mall, a 400 meter long retail street and a large recreational complex, Metropol Istanbul will truly be a worthy homage to this vibrant city.

An exciting design that evokes architectural admiration…

A story being shaped by the finest; the internationally renowned RMJM at the helm of the conceptual design along with HYDER lending superior engineering knowledge, Metropol Istanbul is destined to be a great success.


An exclusive geographical location…

Located at the strategic junction of two continents and having been blessed with cultural and historical heritage of countless cultures, Istanbul is amongst the most exclusive and beautiful cities in the world providing the only naval route for countries bordering the Black Sea.

The land of epic civilizations…

Situated on the gateway of the historical Silk Road to Europe, Istanbul has held a strategic importance over time. As one of the oldest cities in the world, Istanbul has been the capital of the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Latin Empire and last but not least, the Ottoman Empire.

A Centre for Culture and Fine Arts

Istanbul is revered for its beauty after generations of Kings and Sultans embellished this fine city with cathedrals, mosques and boulevards of unparalleled artisanship. The Dolmabahçe, Topkapı and Çırağan Palace are amongst the finest palaces, while the Istiklal Boulevard, the Golden Horn, Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet are all significant cultural and artistic hubs recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage monuments.

The new finance centre…

One of the most magnificent cities in the world adds yet another gem into its collection of riches and strengthens its claim on becoming a global hub for finance and commerce. The Istanbul Finance Centre, which will rise in Ataşehir, is expected to create more than 150.000 new jobs and add new fervour to this dynamic city.

Energy Efficient And Eco-Friendly Design

Being designed and built according to USGBC’s highly acclaimed LEED GOLD criteria, the vast Metropol Istanbul project sited over 100.000 sqm. and with more than 700.000 sqm. of construction area, is one of Turkey’s first forays into ecological mixed-use developments.

Combining eco-friendly design with sustainable materials’ selection, a meticulously planned waste management system and the integration of solar photovoltaic and wind power applications, Metropol Istanbul strives to use 40% less water and energy than comparable projects, thus providing its residents with higher standards of comfort and lower operational costs. Amongst the many eco-friendly features which range from 50% to 90% reduction in waste costs, to water saving practices that cut over 35% of CO2 emissions, are just a few numerical figures to stand out and entitle this project into the ‘green buildings’ category.