Buying Process

Buying Process

According to law on ‘Property Purchase By Foreigners in Turkey’ foreign nationalities can buy and own a real estate in Turkey like Turkish people do.

Below you will find a summary that you need to follow during the buying process. We will be guiding you through each step of your purchasing process. We will assist you with our knowledge, experience and professional team.

List of requirements and decision process

The first and most important stage of buying your house,office or store in Turkey is to decide on your requirements based on your purpose (Personal / Commercial), budget, size, city, location and etc.. After setting your requirements your decision process will be easier. There will be various investment opportunities that you will consider. Your specific requirements on the property and your budget will narrow these various options and possibilities. Our team will  assist you through the evaluation of alternatives which will be suitable according to your requirements.

Deposit payment and documentation process

After you choose your property that you will buy, you will need to put deposit to secure the property and freeze the price which can be paid cash or by credit card. Deposit payment is generally fully refundable within a certain period of time. Please check further details with our team.

Together with the deposit payment your contract will be prepared for signing of both parties with the guidance of our consultants. The contract will be written in Turkish and English (and Arabic based on your request) including your payment plan for the specific property you choose. Complete projects usually require a cash payment, off-plan projects offer a longer term payment plan with stage payments until construction is completed.

At the time of contract preparation you will need to have your passport with you for the paperwork. If you want to open a bank account in Turkey the documents that you need to provide are;

– Your passport,
– Notarized passport translation,
– Any utility bill showing your home address from your own country
– The tax number acquired in Turkey.

Our professioanal team will be assisting you during all these stages.

Payment process

You can make an international money transfer from any of your accounts directly to the developers’ bank account in different currencies (mostly preferred USD, EURO and TL ). Also if you prefer, you can give a ‘power of attorney’ to our Lawyers, so we can transfer your payments from our bank accounts under your name internally in Turkey. Complete projects require cash payments, off-plan projects offer a longer payment plan with stage payments. Our investment consultants will lead you for further information.

Delivery and The Title Deed Process

If you choose a property in Istanbul from an off plan Project you need to wait for the completion to receive your title deed. Until that time your sales contract will guarantee your rights on the purchase.

After the Project is completed, the title deed process may take generally 2- 3 months. First your application is sent to title deed Office and then to The Turkish Military head Office in order to check if the property is in a military zone or restricted area. This is a formal and standard procedure. When everything is approved you will need to go to the title deed Office with a sworn translator to sign your free hold ownership documents. Or you can give a ‘power of attorney’ to our Lawyers to complete the process.

The easiest and preffered way to finalize title deed transaction is by granting ‘power of attorney’ to our Lawyers, to finalize the transactions on your behalf.