The Concept of work and social life rises as you have never seen before, at Atasehir, the heart of Anatolian side.

My Newwork will be established at the location of Istanbul Finance Center Project, one of the most significant projects of Turkey and the world, as an investment opportunity. The investment value in My Newwork project will not wear off, and it will always be profitable for its Investors.

Business life can be intense, but workplace should be large and spacious! Research shows that work effeciency is directly proportional to the maturity of the physical working conditions.

The convenience of working in areas equipped with technology and to open the doors of success now very easy with functionality. With technological meeting rooms in my Newwork, everything you need is right beside you!

New ideas and business solutions to support the large, spacious work areas and we have dreamed of creating a serene atmosphere!

* Experienced operators follows out your calls from domestic and international contacts,. Secretariat employees give 24-hour full-service to those who want to reach you.

* Working is easy as we orginize your personal life. 24 hours a day 7 days a team of experts with the organization, reception and much easier to plan your life with consulting services.

* Travel, entertainment, style and shopping advice, medical and legal advice, veterinary advice, landscape gardening consultancy … Our technical support service is waiting to help you with everything you can think of.

* Activities of the reservation, dry cleaning, paying bills and your life in many areas until we also provide catering services facilitate you to edit your calendar easily.

* Besides MyClub as the fitness and health club services, you will experience a pleasant shopping with special negotiated shops and also with My Hotels services which you can apart your guests, you will get a unique combination of services with a the maximum level of privilege.

* Interior decoration services, appliances / furniture services, organization of transport services and equipped with a special request My Newwork services, to help you shape your life with a rapid aesthetic and organization.

Restaurants and cafes in My Newwork, making your job meals more enjoyable. The world’s and Turkey’s most famous brands, offering you flavors that will appeal to your plate.

Both job and leisure offered in My Newwork!

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